If you were seeking for help, because no one including the police / the RCMP cannot help you, and the police treats you like a criminal, you came to right place. Especially, you reached the point where no place you can go, and you maybe feel that committing a crime could be better off so that you don't have to worry about food and shelter tomorrow. Then, Save Innocent Victims Foundation will give you hands.

How well this foundation can help you depends on how well the justice will be served for the Mikio Konno's unprecedented lawsuit in the near future. Mikio Konno, a software developer in trade, has been struggling with numerous issues against the RCMP, Ministry of Human Resources, Ministry of Attorney General, Revenue Services of BC, Ministry of Small Business and Revenue, Canada Revenue Agency, Canada Post, TELUS, Primus Canada, HotDealsCanada, Uniserve, Doteasy, 100 Mile Netshop, eBay, and a law firm of MESSNER & COMPANY. During seven years or so, Mr. Konno has dealt with about 100 people to resolve these issues peacefully with these public organizations. He estimates that millions of tax payers money has been wasted. Summing up these issues, it boils down to whether the Final Report signed by Mr. Paul E. Kennedy, Chair, Commission for Public Complaints against the RCMP is fraud or not.

On September 12, 2009, Mr. Konno faces a big challenge at Williams Lake Court Registry, which his neighbor' defense lawyers trying to dismiss the trial (#0616107) in five minutes. The lawsuit was initially filed by Mr. Konno and was postponed due to misconduct by the defense lawyer and Williams Lake Registry on November 21, 2006. Mr. Konno is trying to make it hold it until the issues with the RCMP and few ministries are resolved, because of their faults.

At the moment, Mr. Konno also has been under attack by computer viruses. Recently, his 5 PCs and a quarter millions of infected files have to be restored. After installing a couple of anti-virus programs, all sort of virus still have been causing numerous problems daily. By changing internet access/service providers few times, Mr. Konno figured out how and who have been doing this, but he has no one to report, particularly to the RCMP. The locks for his mailbox damaged twice in six months and third combination lock has been tampered. A Xmas card with cash went missing. The RCMP can do is nothing but saying that Canada Post is responsible for.

Mr. Konno is inclined to believe that this is a cover-up and abusing their powers by senior officers in public organizations. He strongly senses that these rotten eggs and bad apples have to be removed before ruining whole baskets, and wasting money on such activities should stopped immediately.

Mr. Konno believe that Save Innocent Victims Foundation will be contributing the prevention of malicious attacks such as the 911.

Thank you very much for your supports.


Mikio Konno
Founder, Save Innocent Victim Foundation

Last Updated:2009.09.07