Court Hearing - September 14, 2009 !!!

Lone Butte, 09.08.26 - Mr. Konno receives a requisition filed by Gary Wool, of the law firm of MESSNER & COMPANY regarding his lawsuit #0616107.

On August 14, 2009, Mr. Konno emailed Mr. Chris Nickerson, Executive Director Court Services Branch, North Region, expressing his concerns regarding the Williams Court Registry services, saying

"Thank you very much for your quick response. I am very glad to hear that you have received all the emails. I have received your June 22, 2009 email. Thank you for asking. I thought you made some investigation or reported the incidence to the police, which shows me exclusively that registrar Becker as the deputy registrar at Campbell River. It sounds like not taking it seriously. I wonder why.

I am afraid that I have not provided enough info why I do not feel safe for pursuing the trial by myself. Briefly, when I filed my lawsuit, my file had wings so that it flew out/in through the windows, and was not entered to the system, i.e., no one else except registrar Becker could tell me the status of the lawsuit. Your ministry has not shown me anything that Registrar Georgina Becker did not in fact interfere the court procedure in favor of lawyer Peter Messner. Beside the issue, I have been fighting back against evil doers, such as an RCMP officer falsifying my report, and so forth. Frankly speaking, I do not feel safe for pursuing the trial by myself as long as Georgina Becker is in charge of the Williams Lake Registry."

On September 4, 2009, Mr. Konno also, asked Mr. Nickerson to inform of his presence to Mr. Wool and Williams Lake court registry, because he could not respond in timely manner due to malfunctioning fax machine caused by malicious viruses.

Today is the day which I have to respond the requisition filed by Gary Wool, of the law firm of MESSNER & COMPANY regarding my lawsuit #0616107.

Since I am still in process of retaining a lawyer for these issues, and you are the only person who are knowledgeable about these issues, I strongly urge you to be Williams Court Registry at 9:45 a.m. on Monday, September 12, 2009, to explain these issues to the judge.

Furthermore, I am not able to respond to Mr. Wool and the registry in timely manner, due to not only I live 26 Km from 100 Mile House and no public transit, but also I have been in attack for many years by who have crippled my communications many times, including numerous malicious viruses disabling my fax program in PC, i.e., I cannot fax it today. Consequently, I would like to ask you to notify of my appearance on September 12, 2009 to Mr. Wool and Williams Court Registry.

I look forward to seeing you on September 12, 2009 at Williams Lake Court Registry.

Last Updated:2009.09.07